Minecraft 1.21 – Upcoming changes: New Blocks and Features

In a previous post, we talked about the New Mobs and other features in Minecraft 1.21. Let’s tell you even more about upcoming changes in Minecraft 1.21. 

New Blocks in Minecraft 1.21

There are many new blocks coming up in Minecraft 1.21. Here are some of them. 


The crafter is one of the most exciting blocks coming up in this update. It opens great new possibilities for Minecraft players, and it’s a feature that is exactly what players have been wanting for a long time.

Crafter block minecraft

It’s basically automatic crafting! You can create the crafter with a crafting block, iron and redstone, by selecting the specific recipe in the Crafter menu, when you fill the slots with necessary ingredients. Each individual slot can be locked, this will prevent you from crafting something you don’t want. Activate the Crafter with a redstone signal to craft whatever item you want. This is very simple and the automated crafting is something that has been missing in Minecraft for years.

Copper Bulb

copper bulb

The most recent light source, Copper Bulbs, is special because it allows users to adjust the light’s intensity. The Copper Block, Blaze Rod, and one redstone are needed to create the copper bulb. These bricks are put in the same way as Redstone Lanterns, exactly like any other block. Copper Bulb deterioration occurs gradually due to oxidation. You can toggle Copper Bulbs and they are powered by redstone. At any time, players can freeze Copper Bulbs to prevent further oxidation, by applying wax on them.

Tuff Block

The Trial Chambers construction is made up of a ton of incredible new and distinctive decorative and building pieces. However, you can also make those and a ton more. A specific set of building bricks for the purely cosmetic tuff blocks that we all mainly overlook is coming. These bricks will be prominently shown in the new Trial Chambers. 


The Mace is a massive, slow weapon that is specifically designed for use against groups of opponents. It’s actually a brand-new weapon coming to Minecraft. It is now possible to enchant the new Maces. There are three enchantments that are exclusive to this weapon class. Wind Burst knocks the player back and launches them into the air for another smash attack; Density amplifies the damage of falling smash attacks; and Breach adds armor-piercing damage. The longer the fall, the more damage and knockback force are incurred if the player falls before landing a hit. In battle, the Mace can be used in conjunction with Wind Charges to consistently do more damage.

The Vault

In Minecraft, the trial key is needed to access the vault block, which is a unique container block. With its darker hues and flame-like particles, it resembles the trial spawners in appearance. However, the front of the vault has a menacing visage with its lips closed. The vault will open its mouth and illuminate when you use this key on it. You can then pick up the armor and tools that it spits out onto itself. There will only be one reward given to each player that opens the vault. Consequently, you can’t continuously farm this block.

Are there any new biomes in Minecraft 1.21?

As of right now, there’s no proof that the game is getting any new biomes. The Nether dimension was quite unassuming prior to Minecraft 1.16. The monsters who roamed the region were ghastly, zombie-like piglins, and the terrain was nearly entirely made of netherrack. 

The 1.16 update for Minecraft brought amazing improvements to the entire Nether, including new biomes, mobs, ambient music, and more. Given that it evokes the “old Nether,” imagine if the End dimension had a similar makeover. Different new End biomes may exist, some supporting exotic End flora and others harboring hostile gangs. So far, the latest added biome was 5 versions back in 1.16. Hopefully, we’ll get a new biome soon.

Other Features & Changes

Bad Omens

Updated with a new logo design, the peculiar effect was first unveiled in the Village & Pillage update. The Ominous Potion, which can be obtained in Trial Vaults, Ominous Trial Vaults, and by killing Pillager Raid Captains, is now required for players to obtain the Bad Omen effect instead of killing a Pillager Raid Captain. Five variations of Ominous Potions are available, each of which is a stronger kind of Bad Omen with a longer half-life. By downing a bucket of milk, players can still remove the Bad Omen effect.

New Mob Effects

Ominous Trial Chambers now contain more fascinating mob effects that may be produced by players using Awkward Potions. These effects include making opponents spawn Wind Bursts, cobwebs, or Slime upon death, or giving mobs a chance to spawn Silverfish when harmed.

New Features

  • The Mace may be crafted with new crafting materials called Breeze Rods and Heavy Cores.
  • New patterns for Pottery Sherds are available in Flow, Guster, and Scrape.
  • Players can locate the matching Smithing Templates in Vaults for the new Bolt and Flow Armor Trim designs.
  • Vaults now have new patterns for the Guster Banner and Flow.


To be honest, we absolutely love all the new blocks, mobs and features in the new update. I believe they are going the right direction and finally listen to the players. Mojang has introduced lots of interesting new features and finally added many things from the community. Minecraft 1.21 is simply going to be a huge update and brings up many players who abandoned this beautiful game.