Minecraft 1.21: New Mobs and Other New Features

New mobs in Minecraft 1.21

The Breeze Mob

Minecraft 1.21 update has three new mobs. The first one is called “The Breeze”. It is a new hostile mob, which sounds something like when Blaze shoots fire. You can find the Breeze in the trial spawners in random rooms when you get to the trial chambers. 

Minecraft breeze mob
Breeze Mob

This mob will move primarily around the target (usually it’s you). Beware, though, it can jump pretty long distances, so if you have low HP, you should probably find a hideout. Since the Breeze is something like Blaze, It shoots wind projectiles on the target. Minecraft named it “Wind charges”, and it has various effects like: buttons are pressed, trapdoors and levers are flipped and the bells ring and swing.

Armadillo Mob

The second mob that we know about is “Armadillo”. This is the mob that the Minecraft community chose. There was a mob vote during 2023, in which people could choose from three different mobs – and the Armadillo won. You can find the mob in savannah. They are dropping Scute, which is their armored skin. You can craft a new armor with the scute. This is a passive mob, so it won’t attack you. If you hit this mob, it will roll up in order to survive. When it’s rolled up, it takes less damage, so it’s harder to kill.

Armadillo Mob
Armadillo Mob

Fun Fact about the armadillo: they had a massive uproar about its design, since Mojang chose to put the eyes in a different location than the one in the trailer. We even tweeted about it! https://twitter.com/LootLabsGG/status/1735262086010188277)

The Bogged Mob

Have you ever heard of “The Bogged” mob? No? Well, now you have! This is the third new mob in Minecraft 1.21. It’s a green skeleton that shoots poison arrows at you.

Bogged Mob Minecraft
Bogged Mob

If you’re hit, it will apply poison status for 4 seconds. Generally speaking, it shouldn’t be a huge problem but the Bogged can harm you a little. It is spawned in swamps and the mangrove swamp biome, and also in the trial chambers. If you want to spawn up to six Bogged mobs, you need the trial spawner with bone blocks, red mushrooms and more.

Minecraft 1.21 Release Date

This update was announced at the Minecraft Live 2023 event. There has been a lot of beta testing. Mojang has been following the same release cycle since 2017. This means we can expect to have the 1.21 update during June/July 2024.

Keep in mind that Mojang itself provided this information. The main Minecraft updates, like 1.17, 1.19 and 1.20, were all released during the month of June. So, the most likely release date for Minecraft 1.21 is June 2024.

New Features in Minecraft 1.21

Trial Chambers

These are new structures! These chambers focus on exploration and combat. So how do you find trial chambers? Simple: while exploring the caves in the deep slate layers, you can find the Trial Chambers. The center of this structure is a “corridor” and it has multiple rooms with vaults and different rewards. While you explore the tunnels and corridors of the Trial Chambers, you will find traps, supplies and some reward chests. If you are in the singleplayer mode, this can come in handy. Another cool thing about the Trial Chambers, is that each of them is totally different, and there are no two identical chambers.

Trial Spawner

This is a new special spawner that adapts to the number of players that are around it. It also spawns a limited number of mobs. There are 3 categories: Melee (Zombie), Small Melee (Spider), and Ranged (Stray). When you kill all the mobs, the trial spawner goes into a cooldown state that lasts 30 minutes. And yes, it’s unbreakable, unless you are in creative mode.

Trial Key

This is a brand new item that you can get in Minecraft 1.21. You can find it only in the Trial Chambers. You can get it from the chest when you enter the structure. Another way to get the key is via the decorated pots that are around the trial chambers. However, the best way to find a Trial Key is to defeat the Trial Spawner.

New Wolf Packs

Since Minecraft 1.21, there was only one skin for the wolf. But this is ancient history, since there are going to be around 8 new wolf variations in the game! The original wolf’s name will be the “Pale Wolf”. Keep in mind that some of the wolves are harder to find.

Wind Charge Weapon

This is a new item added to Minecraft. It will shoot projectiles at your enemies. You can use it by right-clicking on your mouse. You will get 4-6 wind charges when you kill the Breeze. This weapon is similar to the Breeze attack. There will be a small area of effects that will knock your enemies out.

Wolf Armor

A new item that you can equip on your wolf. Make sure the wolf is tamed, otherwise it won’t work. It will make the wolves much harder to kill and they will attack more hostile mobs. Wolf armor significantly increases the HP of the wolf. If you want to craft the armor, you will need 6 armadillo scutes.


Minecraft 1.21 is going to be a huge update and we are sure that it will bring many new and old players to the game. Many new items and features will be introduced in the game. If you’ve never played Minecraft, you might wanna start!