Using LootLabs Link Locker: Ideas for Gaming Content Creators

Gaming content creators can use LootLabs link locker in order to monetize traffic and create a second (or third…) revenue stream. The trick is using this great tool correctly, and making the most out of it. Want to start using our link locker and don’t know how exactly to utilize it? Here are some ideas.

Link locker monetizing gaming

Link Locker for Streamers

Streamers have several ways to monetize using link lockers. Pick the best ideas according to your personal style, user demographics and special events:

Exclusive Content Access: Game streamers can use link lockers to provide exclusive access to additional content. For example, after streaming, you can offer a link to an uncut version of the game session, a post-game analysis, or behind-the-scenes content. 

Early Access: You can offer early access to streams or special gaming events. Post the access link on your social media or streaming platform and let the fans unlock the access.

Discounts or Giveaways: Who doesn’t want free stuff or a good discount? For instance, viewers can unlock a discount code or enter a giveaway by completing an action through the link locker.

Community Building: Use link lockers as a tool for community engagement. For example, access to a private Discord server or a community event can be given through a link locker. This fosters a sense of exclusivity and community.

Link Locker for Skin Makers

Skin makers usually sell their creations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try and earn a little bit more. How can you extra-monetize your skin making?

Skin making in video games

Exclusive Skin Access: Offer unique or limited-edition skins that can only be accessed through a link locker. This exclusivity can drive interest and make the skins more desirable.

Early Bird Releases: You can provide early access to your followers via LootLabs link locker. This could be an effective way to reward loyal followers while also monetizing new content.

Custom Skin Requests: While this is usually a premium product, you might not feel confident with this kind of offer, especially if you’re a beginner. So, instead of selling custom skins directly, allow followers to request custom skins, and they can pay you by using the link locker, and gain access to the gated content.

Skin Bundles: Create themed bundles of skins (e.g., holiday themes, game-specific themes) and offer them through a link locker. 

Vote on Next Skin Design: Users love to participate and call the shots! Engage the community by allowing them to vote on the next skin design or theme. Access to the voting could be through a link locker.

Seasonal or Event-Based Skins: Offer skins that are tied to specific events, seasons, or holidays, accessible through a link locker. This creates a sense of urgency and relevance, encouraging quicker engagement.

Link Locker for Tutorial Creators

Tutorial creators, whether they produce video or text content, usually monetize via ads in their clips or on their website. Link lockers can add an extra layer of monetization.

Exclusive In-Depth Content: Offer extended or more detailed versions of tutorials through a link locker. For instance, a standard tutorial might cover the basics, while the link-locked content could get into advanced techniques or additional tips.

Extra Materials: Provide additional resources such as PDFs, checklists, templates, or source files related to the tutorial. Access to these materials can be granted through a link locker.

Early Access to Tutorials: Allow your audience to access new tutorials before they are publicly available. 

Live Game Tutorial: You can create a live stream and teach the ways to finish a level or a game, while also answering questions from participants. It’s good for gamers who need a bit of extra help, and you can monetize your effort by offering access via link locking.

Interactive Elements: For text tutorials, include interactive elements like quizzes or exercises that can be unlocked through a link locker. This can enhance the learning experience and increase engagement.

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