The first ever Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot is out!

Hey gamers! The first ever Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot is out! The snapshot is called 24w18a, and this update brings a ton of great improvements to the trial chambers, new artwork, a lot of new music, and much more. 

Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot

If you aren’t familiar, a Minecraft snapshot is a development version of the game that Mojang Studios releases to the public for testing purposes before a major update. These snapshots allow players to experience and provide feedback on new features, bug fixes, and changes that will be included in the next official release of Minecraft. Snapshots are typically released on Wednesdays and can include experimental content that might not be polished or fully integrated into the game yet. By using snapshots, gamers can help identify issues and contribute to the development process.

Technical improvements bring the total number of bug fixes to 57 and enable features like data pack enchantments. Three new music discs with nine new soundtracks are included in this snapshot. Specific biomes in the Overworld dimension, as well as the main menu, will play these background tunes. Only dark vaults have the Creator track, which has the hue of oxidized copper. Do you remember that complete blocks were needed for trapdoors and copper doors rather than just ingots?

New Features in this snapshot


There are now 9 new music tracks in the game. All of them will play in the main menu. The music is:

  • featherfall – This music will play in Badlands, Cherry Grove, Flower Forest and Lush Caves.
  • deeper – This music will play in Deep Dark and Dripstone Caves.
  • eld_unknown – This music will play in Dripstone Caves, Grove, Jagged Peaks, and Stony Peaks.
  • endless – This music will play in Dripstone Caves, Grove, Jagged Peaks, and Stony Peaks.
  • pokopoko – This music will play in Dripstone Caves, Grove, Jagged Peaks, and Stony Peaks.

Music Discs

There are now 3 new music discs in Minecraft:

  • Aaron Cherof – Precipice
    • Can be found rarely in standard Vaults
    • Comparator output of 13 when played in a Jukebox.
  • Lena Raine – Creator
    • Can be found rarely in Ominous Vaults
    • Comparator output of 12 when played in a Jukebox.
  • Lena Raine – Creator (Music Box)
    • Can be found rarely in Decorated Pots broken in Trial Chambers
    • Comparator output of 11 when played in a Jukebox

New Paintings

There are 5 new paintings added into the game by the artist Sarah Boeving:

  • baroque
  • humble
  • meditative
  • prairie_ride
  • unpacked

There are also 15 new paintings from the artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand:

  • backyard
  • bouquet
  • cavebird
  • changing
  • cotan
  • fern
  • endboss
  • finding
  • lowmist
  • orb
  • owlemons
  • passage
  • pond
  • sunflowers
  • tides

Changes in this Minecraft Snapshot

There are also some changes in Minecraft:

  • Rotten flesh is no longer a potential object that Trial Spawners can spew.
  • In Ominous Vaults, mace enchantments are a little more frequent.
  • The shooter’s position is no longer a factor in projectile knockback.
  • Projectiles like fireworks and splash potions bounce back away from themselves, while projectiles like arrows and fireballs bounce back in the direction they are traveling.
  • Projectiles fired by a dispenser will rebound.
  • Realms’ confirmation windows have been updated to appear as popups.

Trial Chambers

  • Spider spawners have been reclassified as “melee”.
  • Slime spawners are now classified as “small melee”.
  • Changes were made to the arrangement of crossings and corridors, and a new trap dispenser type was added to the chambers.
  • Several damaged jigsaw puzzle pieces in the hallways were fixed.
  • Added more entry possibilities and made seams in the corridors match.
  • Corrected several jigsaw data errors and added empty chests at the chamber entrances.

Ominous Trial Spawner & Copper Doors & Trapdoors

  • Dangerous Trial during the challenge, spawners that have creatures that cannot wear equipment will now spawn twice as many mobs overall.
  • During the challenge, these spawners will also have a second mob out at once.
  • Ominous Trial Spawners can no longer launch the Bottle o’ Enchanting.
  • Copper Ingots are now used to make Copper Doors and Trapdoors rather than Copper Blocks.
  • Copper Doors and Copper Trap Doors that have been oxidized can no longer be made.
  • Honeycomb can still be used to create waxed versions.

How to Download Minecraft Snapshot 24w18a

  1. Get the Minecraft Launcher from the Microsoft Store.
  2. Install it.
  3. Open Minecraft Launcher.
  4. Sign in with your Microsoft Account.
  5. Go to Installations.
  6. You will see “versions” in the right top tab, tick “Snapshots”.
  7. Now click on “New Installation” -> “Version” -> “Latest Snapshot”.
  8. You can select a name for it – type “Snapshot 24w18a”.
  9. Then select the version and hit play.
  10. Enjoy!