PlayStation Plus Free Games: May 2024

The wait is over: the new Playstation Plus Games for May 2024 have been announced! This month will be awesome! All these games will be ready-to-download on May 7th, 2024. Sony is going to provide three distinct video game experiences for users of the basic PlayStation Plus plan. Three new games that will be introduced to the service were announced today. EA Sports FC 24 Standard Edition for PS4 and PS5 can be added to your digital collection. 

PlayStation Plus Free Games: May 2024

Also announced were the action adventure Tunic and the intense action mower Ghostrunner 2 for PlayStation 5. By the time of Destiny 2: Lightfall on the PS4 and PS5, everything will be finished. The original game is available for free on the PS Store, but it is required to play. The games are scheduled to launch on May 7, 2024. The April offer for Aveum, Minecraft Legends, and Skul: The Hero Slayer is still active until then.

EA Sports FC 24 | PS5, PS4

EA Sports FC 24

Soccer’s future begins with EA Sports FC 24. With the greatest players from the largest clubs, leagues, and tournaments worldwide, this authentic and innovative football experience will bring you closer to the action. With the help of three cutting-edge technologies: HyperMotionV, PlayStyles tuned by Opta, and an upgraded Frostbite Engine, you should enjoy amazing realism in every match. 

With 700 teams, 30 competitions, including the men’s and women’s UEFA Champions League, and over 19,000 fully licensed players, EA Sports FC 24 offers incredible realism on the field. Team of the Season is an ongoing event in the card-collecting madness that is Ultimate Team. Naturally, in order to entice you in, you’ll also receive a massive PS Plus starter pack. I’ve been utterly fixated on this for years, and I’m creating the craziest hybrid team you’ve ever seen: an Arsenal and RB Leipzig team. I’ll show it to you soon online!

Ghostrunner 2 | PS5

This dramatic and immersive first-person experience, which expands on the fast-paced action of the original, lets you survive a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk future.

Ghostrunner 2

As before, it’s a one-hit kill situation: defeat opponents without taking any damage yourself. However, there are a ton of combat enhancements, non-linear levels with intricate motorbike portions, and fascinating new modes in this sequel. With your newfound abilities, you may be more imaginative and approach even the most difficult situations with more accessibility. However, the way your enemies act depends on the skills you use against them, so every time you face them, it’s a new struggle.

Tunic 2 | PS5, PS4

Tunic 2

In this chic isometric adventure, the player enters a hostile and complex world of shadowy woodlands, vast ruins, and maze-like caverns. Find undiscovered resources and trade secrets to aid you in your journey. Battle against enormous monsters and smaller foes in locations far beneath the ground, above the skies, and in more odd places. Your technical fighting skills will be put to the test as you valiantly parry, dodge, block, and attack your way to victory. Gather the missing handbook pages, which are jam-packed with advice and authentic, full-color graphics.

Destiny 2: Lightfall | PS5, PS4

With the help of this Destiny 2 update, Guardians will go to Neptune and explore a neon metropolis unlike any other that they have seen in the game. In the cutting-edge hidden metropolis of Neomuna, meet the Cloud Striders, take up arms against the Shadow Legion, and stop the destruction from happening. As you battle your way from building to building in the city, you’ll be able to arm yourself with new weapons and unleash new Dark powers – thanks to the new Strand subclass. This new element can be used by any class, but the exact build is up to you.

All these games will be available to download on May 7th 2024. Till then, you can still get the April games, so if you are looking for Minecraft legends, for example, you should download it right now. Thanks to PlayStation plus, you will receive the FC 24 Ultimate Team Starter Pack for free, which includes 11 untradeable players with rating 82 or more! After some misses, Playstation finally got us some good games this month.