Pixelated Profits: Using QR Codes for Game Streaming Monetization

The competition is fierce and the quest for monetization is relentless. There are a lot of streamers looking to build communities and monetize, and in such an environment, every little thing helps. There are quite a few tools to help you monetize, and today we’ll talk about one of them – QR codes. These black-and-white squares can bridge the gap between streamers and their audience in a digitized interaction. These codes, when scanned by a mobile device, unlock a myriad of possibilities, ranging from direct website links to personalized messages.

Quick Response (QR) codes, the full form of QR, are a fascinating blend of technology and practical utility. Originating from the need to track car parts during manufacturing, these two-dimensional barcodes have moved on from their initial purpose, finding a snug fit in the realm of digital marketing and, by extension, gaming streaming. Their ability to store a broad range of information and their ease of use make them an attractive tool for streamers.

QR in game streaming

Creating a QR code is a straightforward thing. Here’s a quick guide for creating a QR code:

Various online platforms offer QR code generation services. Some popular ones include QR Code Generator, QR Stuff, and GoQR.me. Opt for a generator that suits your needs, taking into account the type of content you want to share through the QR code.

Customize the QR code to reflect your brand or the theme of your gaming stream. You can alter the color, shape, and even embed a logo in the center of the QR code to make it uniquely yours.

Input the information you want to share with your viewers. This could be a link to your merchandise store, a donation page, or a sponsored product.

Ensure your QR code works by testing it with different devices. A quick scan should lead to the intended destination without a hitch. You don’t want it to flop during a live stream.

Download your QR code and incorporate it into your streaming setup. Most streaming software will allow you to add images, so overlay the QR code onto your stream, ensuring it’s visible but not intrusive.

Here are some great uses for QR codes in gaming streaming

Donations and Tips

Simplify the process of receiving tips by linking your QR code to a donation page. This creates a seamless experience for viewers wishing to tip you for your gaming prowess and entertaining content.

Selling products

Videos and streaming are great selling tools for influencers, affiliate marketers, and large brands alike. They engage viewers more effectively than written content. By showcasing products in action and humanizing brands, videos foster trust and clarity. They also forge emotional connections through storytelling, music, and visuals, nudging viewers towards a purchase. 

Live streams add an element of real-time interaction, creating a sense of community and immediacy. Add a QR code to the mix, and you streamline the process and make purchases even easier – a frictionless buying experience. The moment a viewer thinks “I want this”, they can go straight to the purchase page by scanning the QR code on screen.

Sponsored Content

Sponsorships are a solid revenue stream. A QR code can be the gateway for viewers to explore your sponsor’s offerings. This action, in turn, demonstrates the value you bring to your sponsors through direct traffic and potential sales.

Game Downloads and Affiliate Links

Promote games and products you play by linking a QR code to an affiliate link. For your viewers, the QR code eliminates the need to search for the product, and you don’t miss out on getting credit for the referral. 

You can see an example of QR code usage in a video about Minecraft Spiderman mod created by one of our users:

Exclusive Content and Memberships

Offering a tiered membership or exclusive content can create a sense of exclusivity. QR codes can serve as an easy access point to these offerings, enticing viewers to upgrade their membership for additional perks.

Other niche ideas for using QR codes in game streaming

Virtual Meet-and-Greets

QR codes can be used to grant access to exclusive virtual meet-and-greet events where viewers can interact with you or other gamers in a more personal setting.

Digital Autographs

Offer digital autographs by embedding a link within a QR code. Upon scanning, viewers could receive a personalized digital autograph, enhancing the fan-streamer connection.

Social Media Engagement

Use QR codes to direct your audience to your social media profiles, Discord server, or other community platforms. 

Polls and Surveys

Engage your viewers by conducting polls or surveys. QR codes can be used to link to a voting page, allowing viewers to participate in real-time polls, giving feedback or deciding the course of the game you’re playing.

In-Stream Mini Games

Develop mini-games or quizzes related to your stream that viewers can participate in by scanning a QR code. This could also be tied to giveaways or rewards, enhancing viewer participation.

Playlist Access

Share your gaming playlists by embedding Spotify or other music service links within a QR code. This adds a personal touch, allowing viewers to engage with another aspect of your gaming experience.