Link Locker by LootLabs: Your Best Monetizing Tool

Link lockers are one of the best tools we know to monetize your gaming content. They are quick and easy to figure out, and they are pretty straightforward, offering a no-nonsense approach to earning revenue. For gaming content creators, link lockers are a great opportunity, and they have quite a few advantages. 

It’s a hassle-free method that doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge, allowing creators to set it up with ease and focus more on what they do best – creating engaging gaming content.

Link lockers can create a win-win situation for you. You provide valuable content or perks to your audience, while making some bucks. There are quite a few products out there that enable you to lock content and shorten links. You probably heard about Adfly (URL shortener app for Android) or Linkvertise (a relatively new service). They are popular, of course, but not without issues. 

The main thing about both these services is that none of them was created for gaming content creators. They are generic link shorteners – a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. That’s the point, though: that one size doesn’t fit all, and that’s why we at LootLabs have created a special link shortener, specifically made for gaming content creators – the realm we know best of all.

Why is LootLab’s Link Shortener Better than the Rest?

Curated ads and themed links

We are here for the gamers, and that sets us apart. Curated ads for gamers are a game-changer for content creators in the gaming niche. Instead of bombarding your audience with random, unrelated advertisements, LootLab ensures that the ads are specifically tailored to the interests and preferences of gamers. This level of customization not only enhances the user experience but also increases the likelihood of engagement with the ads.

Gamers are a passionate and engaged audience. LootLab ensures that the advertisements feel more like a natural extension of the gaming experience rather than an intrusive disruption. Ads that fit your audience – it’s that simple, really.

Our link themes present an easy way for content creators to make their links more in-tune with their style and community. We have several gaming related themes to help our creators make their links more appealing, and generally make things more fun for everyone.

Number of tasks the users needs to perform

Our link shortener gives you more control. When you decide to lock a certain piece of content, you can also decide the “price” for it, and the kind of offers to lock it behind. With LootLabs content locker, you can designate 1-5 tasks and choose the specific kind of task. You can choose from ads focused on delivering content that encourages reading and exploration, gaming offers and recommendations and a tier that includes the features of the previous tiers but also ensures 100% demand fulfillment for the best possible returns. This means you can choose the level of “aggressiveness” of your link lockers, to fit your needs and audience, so you can maximize your revenue.

We have API

The inclusion of an API for our link shortener is another ace up our sleeve. API integration is like unlocking a secret weapon in a game, granting you the power to automate and customize the link shortening process. Imagine seamlessly integrating LootLab’s link shortener into your own website or app, creating a smoother, more integrated user experience that feels as intuitive as navigating through a well-designed game menu.

For creators who love to tinker under the hood, this API is a dream come true.The API’s flexibility allows creators to adapt to different game environments and audience preferences, similar to how a gamer would choose the right gear for a specific level or challenge. Whether you’re a streamer, blogger, or app developer, this API gives you the joystick to control how, when, and where your links are shared, ensuring maximum engagement and revenue potential.

Big sites support us

Being one of the few officially whitelisted URL shorteners on MCPEDL is another significant feather in LootLab’s cap. This shows LootLab’s reliability and trustworthiness within the gaming community, particularly among Minecraft enthusiasts who love MCPEDL. It means that links shortened by LootLab are recognized as secure and legitimate, reducing the risk of encountering malicious content. This endorsement provides content creators with a dependable tool to share their content confidently, ensuring uninterrupted access for their audience and maintaining a seamless user experience.

An easy referral program and easy payment

If making money from the shortener itself isn’t enough, there’s another layer you can use, and that’s our referral program. Invite your friends to use LootLabs and get an extra 5% from what they make.

We also offer better payment terms and methods, because we want the process to be easier for you. Our payment terms and methods are much more flexible and convenient, so you get quicker and easier access to your earnings. The automatic payment period is set at Net+30 payments, and we pay via PayPal, Payoneer, bank wire transfer, Bitcoin, WebMoney and Paxum. If you are using PayPal, the minimum payment is super low – at only $5.

We’ve got your back

We put an extra effort when it comes to user support. Our creators are important to us, and we want you to know we’ve got you covered. Our support is quick and efficient and we are here for you whenever you need us. We also have our very own Discord channel, so you can contact us easily and get all your questions answered.