How to use Discord bots for content monetization?

Everyone who is into gaming knows Discord or has used it at some point. Since its launch, it has become the go-to communication platform for gamers worldwide. Discord offers an easy and convenient way for players to chat, share, and organize gaming sessions without the hassle of traditional communication methods. With its user-friendly interface and versatile features, Discord has changed how gamers communicate but has also helped the growth of gaming communities and user-generated content (UGC), providing a space where players can share, collaborate, and build relationships around their favorite games.

What is Discord?

Discord is a free app that combines the features of voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and media sharing into one. Gamers can create or join “servers,” which are essentially private or public chat rooms dedicated to specific games, topics, or communities. These servers are customizable, allowing users to set up different “channels” for various discussions, such as general chat, game strategies, or off-topic conversations.

Voice channels are one of Discord’s standout features, offering high-quality, low-latency voice chat that allows players to communicate in real-time during gaming sessions.Discord also supports video calls and screen sharing, making it easier for gamers to share their gameplay, conduct live streams, or just see each other while chatting. 

One of the great features Discord offers is a range of customization options, including bots that can perform various functions, such as playing music, managing server roles, or providing game stats. 

Discord Bots and Content Monetization

Discord bots automate tasks and enrich user experience in servers. They handle moderation (filtering spam), manage roles, and welcome new members. Bots integrate with external platforms for updates and notifications, and provide entertainment with features like music playback in voice channels or hosting games and quizzes. They also offer quick access to information, such as game stats or news, and automate responses to frequently asked questions. Custom bots can be developed using Discord’s open API, allowing for unique functionalities tailored to specific server needs. In short, bots are key to streamlining server management and enhancing community engagement on Discord.

The integration of specialized bots is a great feature in Discord, and can help you monetize your content. LootLabs has programmed a bot which adds a unique twist to how creators can earn revenue through their Discord communities.

LootLabs provides a bot for content creators looking to monetize the links they share in Discord servers. When a creator publishes a link in Discord, the LootLabs bot automatically wraps this link in a LootLabs link monetizer. This process is seamless and requires minimal effort from the creator, making it an efficient tool for monetization.

The link monetizer (or link locker) works by requiring users to complete a specific action before they can access the content behind the link. These actions can vary but often involve viewing an ad, participating in a survey, or signing up for a service. This way, every time a follower clicks on a link shared by the creator, the creator earns revenue, turning their Discord server into a more lucrative platform.

Discord for Content Creators

Discord offers a lot of opportunities to engage with your audience, expand your reach, and build a dedicated community around your gaming content. 

Community Building: Discord allows creators to establish their own servers, where they can gather their followers in one place. This makes the fans more invested in your content. In these servers, you can organize events, Q&A sessions, and discussions, creating a vibrant community that’s actively engaged with your content.

Feedback and Interaction: Discord also helps you get immediate feedback from the community. Creators can share early previews, ideas, or works-in-progress and get instant reactions and suggestions. 

Exclusive Content and Rewards: Discord’s tiered roles and permissions system enables creators to offer exclusive content and rewards to subscribers or patrons. For example, access to private channels, early video releases, or exclusive game sessions can be offered as perks for supporting the creator financially.

Live Streaming and Events: With Discord’s voice and video call features, content creators can host live streams, game playthroughs, or special events directly on their servers. This can increase engagement and provide a more intimate and interactive experience compared to more traditional streaming platforms. Plus, Discord’s streaming quality is optimized for real-time interaction, making it ideal for live Q&A sessions, tutorials, or just casual gaming with the community.