Go Live: 7 Gaming Streaming Platforms You Should Know About

Streaming has revolutionized the world of gaming, offering both casual gamers and eSports professionals a platform to share their passion, skills, and unique content. Streaming is almost synonymous with gaming content creation, and with good reason. The income potential is incredible. Revenue in the gaming streaming market is projected to reach over $11 billion in 2023. 

The number of users is expected to reach 1.6 billion by 2027.

As a content creator, you should also know that the average revenue per user (ARPU) is predicted to reach $10 in 2023.

Each streaming platform has its own set of features that cater to different needs. Let’s dive deeper into these platforms and uncover what are the advantages of each and the unique features it offers.


Advantages: Twitch is home to the largest dedicated gaming audience globally. Its extensive toolset, diverse community, and range of monetization options make it a favorite. Twitch also regularly hosts major eSports and gaming events. It also has a simple and effective subscription model for long-term earnings.

Unique Features: The platform introduces channel subscriptions and Bits – a cheering system that enhances viewer-streamer interaction. Twitch Drops offer viewers in-game rewards for watching their favorite streamers.

If you’re looking for a platform with a dedicated gaming focus, wide-reaching audience, and rich interactive features, Twitch is your place.

YouTube Gaming

Advantages: YouTube Gaming guarantees a great audience reach, given its huge user base. It especially fits creators who make both live streams and traditional videos. One of the best things about YouTube Gaming is that it provides streamers with a wonderful array of tools that make video game streaming easier – even for beginners.

Unique Features: Super Chat allows viewers to donate while highlighting their messages. Plus, streams are automatically archived, making post-stream content management a breeze.

Streamers who are already invested in YouTube, or those looking to capitalize on the platform’s SEO strengths, will find YouTube Gaming invaluable. Google indexes YouTube videos very quickly and usually shows them in a prominent spot in the results page. This, of course, means more exposure for your channel.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook gaming

Advantages: The integration with Facebook ensures content has the potential to go viral quickly. Its rapid growth in specific regions offers opportunities for geo-targeting. The platform is also easy to use and supports both desktop and mobile gaming.

Unique Features: The Stars system is Facebook Gaming’s answer to donations, while the Level Up program nurtures budding streamers, helping them grow.

If your audience primarily resides on Facebook or you’re looking to leverage the social sharing power of the platform, Facebook Gaming is a strong contender.


Advantages: DLive stands out with its equitable revenue distribution, ensuring that both content creators and viewers benefit. It also actively promotes smaller streamers. The platform also boasts a great UI and offers smooth streaming without lags.

Unique Features: “Lemons” act as DLive’s cryptocurrency-based reward system, allowing for decentralized broadcasting and unique monetization options.

Blockchain enthusiasts, streamers keen on a fresh revenue approach, or smaller channels aiming for growth will enjoy using DLive.

Bigo Live

Bigo Live

Advantages: The emphasis on community and broad content range has made it especially popular in Asia. The platform also allows in-app purchases.

Unique Features: The platform’s monetization is powered by a virtual gifts system. The multi-guest live stream rooms foster community engagement, allowing multiple users to interact live.

If you are keen on a community-centric platform, targeting Asian demographics, or diversifying your streaming beyond gaming – give Bigo Live a whirl.


Advantages: The platform simplifies cross-platform streaming. Mobile gamers find its interface intuitive, and monetization is straightforward. The Android version of Mobcrush functions in a similar way to Facebook Gaming. Another great thing is that you can easily interact with multiple viewers at once.

Unique Features: ‘Go Live, Get Paid’ is a straightforward monetization program. The platform also boasts a unified chat, collating messages from all connected platforms.

Mobile gamers, those broadcasting to multiple platforms, or streamers looking for simplicity will find Mobcrush appealing.


For those wanting to step away from mainstream platforms, OwnCast offers a self-hosted, open-source alternative.

Advantages: Streamers have unparalleled control over content, monetization, and data. The absence of third-party ads ensures a clean viewing experience. Since it’s self-hosted, you have complete control and ownership over your stream.

Unique Features: With DIY customization, streamers can brand their channels uniquely. No algorithms dictate content visibility, ensuring authentic audience growth. Your live stream can also  reach a wider audience utilizing The Fediverse – people can follow and share your stream on Mastodon and other Fediverse services.

Tech enthusiasts, privacy-conscious streamers, and those looking for a hands-on approach, should try using OwnCast.