Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page is outdated, visit the new support center for new information!

Q: What is LootLabs?
A: LootLabs is a gaming ad-tech platform that empowers creators to monetize their content and helps brands connect with their target audience through strategic partnerships and marketing solutions

Q: How does LootLabs help creators?
A: LootLabs provides creators with tools, resources, and expertise to effectively monetize their gaming content. We handle the marketing and advertising aspects, allowing creators to focus on producing high-quality content while earning revenue.

Q: What types of creators does LootLabs support?
A: LootLabs supports a wide range of gaming content creators, including streamers, YouTubers, influencers, Mod/Addon creators and other user-generated content creators. Whether you’re just starting or an established creator, we’re here to help you monetize your passion.

Q: Is LootLabs only for big creators?
A: Not at all! LootLabs welcomes creators at all stages of their journey. We believe in fostering growth and providing opportunities for creators to succeed, regardless of their current following or subscriber count.

Q: How does the partnership process work?
A: To ensure a great fit and maximize success, we hand-pick the brands and creators we work with. If you’re interested in partnering with LootLabs, you can apply through our website. Our team will review your application and reach out if there’s a potential partnership opportunity.

Q: Is LootLabs free to use for creators?
A: Yes, LootLabs is free for creators. We aim to provide creators with the resources they need to monetize their content without any upfront costs.

Q: How does LootLabs benefit brands?
A: LootLabs offers brands the opportunity to connect with engaged gaming audiences through strategic partnerships. We provide tailored marketing solutions, brand integration opportunities, and access to our network of talented creators.

Q: Can brands and creators collaborate on sponsored content?
A: Absolutely! LootLabs facilitates collaborations between brands and creators for sponsored content. We ensure that the partnerships align with the creator’s content style and the brand’s objectives, resulting in authentic and impactful campaigns.

Q: How can I learn more or get in touch with LootLabs?
A: For more information about LootLabs and how we can support you as a creator or brand, please visit our website or connect with us on LinkedIn. Our team will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Q: Are LootLabs links allowed on Youtube?
A: All LootLabs links are YouTube policies compliant.

Q: Which games does LootLabs specialize in?
A: We specialize in games like: Minecraft, sims, ksp, skyrim and many others, basically we work with any games that support UGC!

Q: Does LootLabs work with 3rd party sites?
A: Yes, LootLabs runs as an ad integrator, our link monetizer solution works with 3rd party mod/addons and skin sharing sites.