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Tutorials and Speedruns: Great Gaming UGC You Can Monetize

The basics are for amateurs. The real game starts where the tutorial ends. But here’s the deal: even the most experienced among us can find new depths to explore, and that’s where advanced tutorials, intricate walkthroughs, and high-stakes speedruns come into play. These guides are hardcore gaming UGC, and require quite a lot of work to create, but they are usually evergreen content and very much appreciated by gamers, so you can monetize them well, and over a long period of time.

Advanced Tutorials: Beyond the Basics

Gone are the days when “Press X to jump” was the only tutorial we needed. Now, we’re looking at frame-perfect dodges, combo chains, and exploiting AI patterns. Advanced tutorials are where the real game begins for seasoned players. These aren’t just instructions; they’re deep dives into the mechanics that separate the casuals from the pros.

For content creators, this is your stage. Showcasing advanced techniques, breaking down the meta, and exploring game mechanics on a granular level not only pulls in an audience looking to elevate their game but also establishes your channel as a bastion of high-level play. We’re talking about tutorials that dissect game systems, offering insights that can turn a game inside out. This is where you demonstrate how to leverage every ounce of a game’s design to your advantage.

Walkthroughs: The Encyclopedia of Gaming

Walkthroughs offer more than just a guide through the game’s story or quests. They’re a treasure trove of secrets, optimal paths, and efficiency tips that can transform an ordinary playthrough into a masterclass in gaming prowess. These guides become even more crucial with games that pride themselves on hidden content, complex systems, or just sheer difficulty.

Creating content that serves as the definitive guide to every aspect of a game is no small feat. It requires a willingness to explore and experiment, often going beyond what the developers intended. As a content creator, your walkthroughs can become the go-to resource for fellow gamers looking to fully conquer or rediscover a game.

Speedruns: The Ultimate Challenge

Speedrunning is a unique art, because it changes the purpose of the game. You’re not aiming to complete every step or quest, but to slide through as quickly as possible. It’s where creativity, skill, and sometimes sheer stubbornness come together to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Speedruns are a test of knowledge, execution, and coordination, often exploiting mechanics in ways the developers never thought about.

As a creator, speedrunning is about sharing the journey to mastering a game at such a level. It’s about the strategies developed, the countless attempts, and the community that forms around the challenge of beating games as quickly as possible. Creating content that captures the excitement, the frustration, and the triumph of speedrunning can captivate an audience like nothing else.

The Heart of Gaming UGC

For the seasoned gamer and content creator, tutorials, walkthroughs, and speedruns are more than just content—they’re a celebration of gaming culture. They are meant for learners and achievers, for players that are interested in digging deep and sharing their victories and discoveries. That’s why gaming guides are some of the best UGC you can create.

Creating this content is a testament to your dedication and passion for gaming. It sets you apart as not just a player but a mentor, a strategist, and a pioneer in the gaming community. And of course – they are a great path to monetization.

How to monetize gaming guides?

Exclusive Early Access via Patreon or Similar Platforms: Offer your most dedicated followers early access to your gaming guides by setting up a membership tier on Patreon, Ko-fi, or any similar platform. 

Use Link Lockers for Premium Content: LootLab offers quick and easy link lockers you can use for monetization. Use them to restrict access to exclusive content within your walkthroughs, such as highly detailed strategy guides, cheat sheets, or bonus tips and tricks not found in your standard guides. 

YouTube Monetization Through Ad Revenue: Upload your guides to YouTube and monetize through ads. The more views you gather, the more ad revenue you earn. Enhance your earnings by creating walkthroughs and tutorials for trending games, drawing in a larger audience.

Affiliate Marketing for Gaming Gear and Software: Incorporate affiliate links within your video descriptions or on your website where you host your gaming guides. Recommend gaming gear, software, or the games themselves, and earn a commission for every purchase made through your links. 

Create an E-book or Online Course: Package your walkthroughs, speedruns and tutorials into an e-book or an online course, selling them on your website or platforms like Udemy. 

Sponsored Content and Brand Deals: Partner with gaming companies or related brands to feature their products in your content. This could range from wearing a specific brand of gaming headset in your videos to integrating a game’s promotional campaign into your walkthroughs.

Donations and Tips During Live Streams: Encourage donations and tips during live stream sessions on platforms like Twitch. Engage with your audience in real-time, offering shoutouts for donations, which incentivizes viewers to contribute.

Crowdfunding for Large Projects: If you’re working on a big project, such as a documentary-style video on speedrunning culture or an extensive multi-part tutorial series for a complex game, consider launching a crowdfunding campaign on platforms like Kickstarter to fund your project upfront.

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