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The Sims 5: Leaked Video and More Information

It’s going to take a few years, but The Sims 5 is on its way. The developers of Project Rene, a new generation of The Sims brand, have announced they are starting to work on the title. What information about Project Rene have the creators so far disclosed?

The Sims is a collection of video games that simulate everyday life, created by Maxis and released by Electronic Arts. It has sold almost 200 million copies globally, making it one of the top-selling video game series ever. It’s also part of a bigger group of Sim games that began with SimCity in 1989.

The Sims 5 Release date

The Sims 5 isn’t expected to be released soon, since it’s going to take a few years to develop the game. The game will probably be available for PC and some sort of mobile platform. Cross-play and cross-platform compatibility will probably become the standard. Grant Rodiek, the director of the game, believes that these two platforms would work well together to let users enjoy extended PC gaming sessions while still having their virtual friends close at hand on mobile. There’s currently no information about Sims 5 for Xbox or Playstation.

Unfortunately, nobody can predict when the full game will be finished and launched because there are still more questions than answers. However, some information from the fifth episode has already been made public by the creators. The upcoming generation of Sims will introduce a new furniture modification system that allows you to alter forms, colors and patterns simultaneously. There will be a solitary mode in addition to multiplayer.

Will The Sims 5 be free to play?

The Sims 5 will be free to download, as confirmed by the developers, allowing all fans to experience the Sims’ new adventures without needing to purchase the main game or sign up for a subscription. You can anticipate a flood of DLC and feature packs, although they will function somewhat differently in this instance. Several features that were previously only available as part of paid packages are already present in the basic game.

For instance, all players would have access to the weather system in The Sims 5 if it exists (in The Sims 4, weather is limited to the expansion pack). However, you’ll need to spend extra to unlock winter sports and activities if we want to go skiing, create a snowman, or ice skate with our Sims.


The maintenance of virtual people, or sims, will definitely play a major role in The Sims 5. The player will keep an eye on and meet all of their needs, including food, hygienic needs and social needs. To do this, there will be an extensive use of the self-built dwelling’s amenities. The Sims 5 will most likely have some news. Apart from the likely enhancements in the visual domain, for instance, even more intricate sim building is expected.

During the “Behind the Sims Summit”, there was an official demo that gave us a brief glimpse of the increased possibilities available in the construction mode. A leaked video that seems to be from Sims 5, also shows a more intricate building and decorating mode, with finely detailed furniture and accessory modifications. It looks like it’s possible to alter the shape or size of different accessories in addition to the conventional adjustments of patterns and colors.

It also appears that users will have the option to adorn the Sims’ homes with fan-made furniture or accessories, based on previously released imagery. The upcoming Sims game may have an open world similar to The Sims 3, according to additional leaks from a user (a data miner). The leaks show the map and smaller regions of the world.


Project Rene will let users play alone or with others on compatible devices. We’re happy to learn that with the fifth installment, multiplayer will be included for the first time. The developers said that multiplayer will only be available voluntarily and that it will not be an MMO where we share a single gaming environment with numerous other players. This is the only world we will be allowed to share with a chosen group of players.

PC modifications will be carried out through the Overwolf application. It will be possible to add new furniture, change the appearance in many ways, and do a lot of other things with it. In The Sims Freeplay and The Sims Mobile, players can anticipate news as well.

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